Friday, June 18, 2010

Controversy Sells

Yes, there is no doubt about it- where there is controversy - people pay attention!  Just look at the news, for example.  People tune in when there is something going on that will arouse a reaction in them- especially something where everyone is taking sides or there is mass outrage.

The oil spill has everyone wanting to put in their two cents as to what needs to be done, who dropped the ball,  what the right solution is, or who to blame, etc.  The only ones not getting into the fracas are probably the ones who know they were responsible for the problem!

Obviously there will be marketers out there - Goal- make some money off the problems.  There are probably oil spill t-shirts, caps, cups, souvenirs etc.  I'm sure someone could take a tiny bottle (you've seen them with teeny corks) and put some of the beach sludge in them.  People could (and would) probably wear them to show their support for the cleanup- you know- "I picked up my share of sludge" .....   Makes me think "If you make it- they will buy it!" 

I don't subscribe to making money off of other's misery - and there is no doubt that there is much suffering both economic and health wise going on in that region.  So why do some people do it?  What are your feelings on this behavior?

Monday, June 7, 2010


Orchids are so incredibly easy to care for and grow! Did you know that the flowers bloom for weeks at a time?  Mine bloom all year long and right now they are really putting on a show!  I thought I would share them with you in the collage below.  There are quite a few sites that you can go to to get information on them.
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