Monday, November 30, 2009

Adding "Gadgets" to your Blog

Several new Bloggers have recently asked me how to add "gadgets" to their blogs.  This is really fairly easy to do!  Get the "code" from whatever website has the gadget you want to ad.  Usually they will have it ready for you to click on and "copy" then:
1. Click on the "Layout " tab on your blogger dashboard
2. Next click on the "add a Gadget" link

3.Now Choose the type of gadget you want to add:

4.Now just give it a title (your choice) and paste (right click in the big box) the code in to the box

5. Save
6. Preview and then save on your layout page if you are happy with it.

Now you can go back and move it around by clicking and holding down your mouse button  then dragging your new gadget  to wherever you want it to be on your blogger page!

Hint- If you like a gadget you see on someones blog- usually it has a link to its makers website- allowing you to grab one for yourself!  Some sites let you customize it and then they generate the special code that has your chosen features in it!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Featured: The Moss Garden

Think snow!  Many are predicting that this will be a snowy winter to remember so I wasn't really surprised when a sprinkling of rain turned to sleet and then some snow flakes just briefly fell from the gray sky on Thanksgiving morning.  It was brief, and then the sun came out and it was all but forgotten.  Then I saw these lovely earrings with the hollow glass balls, like swirling snow. With the unmatched snowflakes (no two are alike) they instantly brought back the snow! These are from an Etsy shop called "The Moss Garden".

The shop owner, Victoria,  (from Montreal, Canada) says: "  I'm currently majoring in wildlife biology at university, so I am very interested in making jewelry with a zoological or botanical theme. I also call the Pacific northwest my home, so a lot of what I love and make has something to do with the ocean or the forest - Ucluelet, British Columbia is my favourite place on the planet. I am applying to veterinary school this year and I would one day like to work in the field of conservation medicine with endangered wildlife."  Looking through her shop it is not surprising to see that many of her jewelry themes reflect the things she loves.

I also congratulate and encourage Victoria's industrious nature as a student, who probably has a very full schedule, and yet is making and taking the time to create and sell her lovely jewelry!  Her jewelry would make lovely gifts for anyone but would be especially appreciated by the people on your list that care about conservation and wildlife issues and know that they can help support someone working her way into a life of service as a vet.  If you are curious and want to know more about her (and see some really nice photography too)- read her blog!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I was very thankful for my family who helped make this holiday a time for memories and reflection.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Encouraging Small Businesses

I wish I could send a bouquet of lovely roses to each of the men and women who have started their own business in the past year or two!  Congratulations to you for taking the initiative to help the economy by becoming a small business.  Most people don't know that more than 70% of the working people in the USA work for or own small businesses! 
It is not easy and most of the time we start our small businesses while we are still working another job or have been laid off from a job we've held for years.
I would like to encourage each of you to hang in there - as it takes time for most small businesses to grow to where they can support you and your family.  I think on average it is two to five years of long hours, and hard work.  But the prize is that if you stick it out you can survive and even thrive.  When the times are hard- just remember that someday you will take pride in the hard times and how you worked through them.  It takes inspiration, perspiration and perseverance to do anything that is really worthwhile!  So keep it up and know that I am thankful for your efforts as I believe that the US economy hangs on what small businesses do in the next few years!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Featured: Terrabella Accents

Warm exotic breezes, that's what I'm thinking about when I look at this gorgeous picture of vanilla bangles! Actually, today was overcast, windy, cold and gray here in VA, thanks to tropical storm Ida. I think that's why I really enjoyed looking through Terrabella Accents Etsy shop today.  Her items brought back wonderful memories of turquoise water and sailing in the West Indies.

The selection of gifts in this shop is incredible. Browsing there, is like going on a mini vacation!

From the shops profile: ["terrabella" means "beautiful land" and perfectly describes the setting in which I live. Our country has different natural resources in the different regions. We have volcanoes, fresh water lakes and lagoons, beaches in the Pacific Ocean and Carribean, mountains, and rivers. Each small picturesque town has its own traditions and foklore.]

Go ahead- take a break - you deserve a little vacation!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We have a winner! $25.00 Shopping Spree!!!!

Congratulations Elizabeth, whose shop is called "ebogie" on Etsy!  I'll be sending you an email with your Gift Certificate for the $25.00 shopping spree in my Etsy Shop .  I hope you have fun picking out your favorite items.

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season I decided to do another "quick" giveaway - This one ends December 1st and is for the earrings pictured at the right and another pair just like them but with iridescent
gray pearls.  I call them my "go with everything" earrings because they really do work with just about everything you wear.  Plus they are incredibly comfortable - once they are on you really can't feel them - they are so incredibly light!  They are hand made of sterling silver and freshwater pearls.
These would make great gifts or wear and enjoy them yourself.

The rules for this contest are simple: Follow this blog and get

1 point for every comment you leave on this blog (max.3 per day)

5 points for becoming a fan of  Divine3Designs  facebook page

5 points for following me on Twitter

10 points for any purchase from my Etsy shop

 (if you already follow me or are a fan- you can count those points!)

You can help me keep count by letting me know if you follow me on twitter and are a fan of my facebook page in the "comments" for this post - below.  I have a gadget on the right that totals up my comments for me.  If you want one like it -  it's free, just follow the link below it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Giving the Best Gifts

The upcoming holidays give us the opportunity to give gifts that show our caring, giving and loving natures.  It is definitely true that giving can be much better than receiving, especially when the gift is something carefully thought out and meaningful.
There are some gifts that "keep on giving". We adopted a horse from a horse rescue organization. Not everyone can do that - we happen to have a farm and were able to give him a good new home. But that wasn't really the best gift - the best one is taking my daughter three days a week to help on the horse rescue farm that Mr. B came to us from.

She is not only learning about caring for animals, but also about responsibility and compassion, freely giving of your time and resources, sharing with those less fortunate, etc.

Being a volunteer and teaching your children to be volunteers, giving to organizations and causes you choose to support, teaching good stewardship - that's the gift that keeps on giving....

This year there will be many charitable organizations that will fall short in both funds and volunteers. Volunteerism in this county continues to steeply decline.  I encourage all of you to expand your giving list this year rather than downsizing it -and it doesn't have to cost alot of money either - sometimes it's just some of your time and that of those you encourage and guide to do likewise. Can you afford not to?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Featured : The Girly TuTu

With a slogan like "every girl can be a princess" it's easy to figure out that this shop is all about girls.  Many of the selections could be used for great photo props and then be repurposed as  dress-up play clothes.  These gifts would put a huge smile on any little girls face!

"EVERYTHING in my shop is interchangeable...meaning if you see a shirt that you like but would like a different tutu or you see a set that you love but not the headband, WHATEVER, a custom listing can be set up for YOU to get exactly what you're looking for!"

Customer satisfaction is a highlight at this Etsy Store. You will also find some lovely crocheted items for the bigger girls along with all the fabulous tutu's!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Featured : Isla New York

Ever think how nice it would be if you could order a custom made sweater - made by someone that not only designs but also makes , fresh, comfortable, timeless clothes out of ecologically friendly materials?  You're probably saying - dream on - that's not affordable - even if you could find it!

Well wake up and check out this Etsy Shop! Regina is a young woman with big plans. She notes that:  "Each piece is designed, fitted and sewn by just me. Because of this, please allow for up to 2 weeks ". 

And if that doesn't sway you:
"Isla New York has become eco friendly!!!! All my jersey is hand dyed and made from a SOY/ORGANIC COTTON/SPANDEX blend that is environmentally friendly and super comfortable!"

Her designs are lovely and available in all sizes - even custom.  For those that are really hard to please on your list - consider a gift certificate to a shop like this - how much more luxurious can you get! (And did I mention she is very affordable!)
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