Friday, February 12, 2010

Marketing Your Small Business - 1

I took a short hiatus from my small jewelry business the past month, to give myself time to evaluate if what I have been doing has been effective or not.  Many times we get so caught up in the frantic drive to have our business be successful that we forget why we started the business in the first place.  Sometimes it is necessary to step back and take a hard look at what we are spending our time on and whether or not that is really what we want to be doing.

If I evaluate what it takes to be successful in marketing my business I quickly see that it is really easy to be drawn up by the opportunities that the  internet offers for getting exposure and drawing views.  With twitter, facebook, blogging, seo optimization, etc. it is easy to get so busy keeping up with them all, finding the newest and best sites to join, posting in forums etc. to spend hours each day that we tell ourselves are "productive".  It gets daunting trying to figure out which ones really are! It seems like there is a huge community of internet sellers - targeting other internet sellers as their customers - because who else is at all these places?  I plan to do a series on this blog about marketing opportunities and would love to have your input as to what you think your best venues have been.  Which ways are you finding bring about the best results for your business?

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janaes jewels said...

Oh, you are so right.

I have about 5 yrs in with kateskreative dba janaesjewels. It has been a couple of months since I have done any beading except for custom orders. I know that only the strong survive, and I'm not giving up BUT the glut of online jewelry designers (or crafters in general) all following the same paths and doing the same things has created the need (at least for me) to figure out where to go and how to proceed going fwd v e r y carefully.

My stores are full, and I still have so much in stock that is not listed anywhere as yet. I do have some ideas as I have posted on a MCC forum, but definitely need to form some critical alliances to make anything happen.
So, I'll be watching to see what you have in mind - and what others have to contribute.

As I posted in my blog tonight, what I thought would be a blog about my jewelry exclusively has turned out to be anything but...

Could go on and on...but I won't (sm).

Let's see what others have to offer.

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