Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Forming and Texturing Copper

My yearly trek to William Holland School of Lapidary arts always results in some very much needed relaxation, enjoyment and inspiration. I enjoy seeing what all the students and teachers are wearing because most of their jewelry is hand made and their personal favorites. The copper bracelet was fashioned after one that one of the instructors was sporting and everyone was oogling over. It uses fold forming techniques and hammered textures. I bought three wonderful new hammers with two textures on each one.

The earrings were done with a brass texture plate made for PMC but used here with annealed copper and the roller mill.

Everyone says that copper is the "new" silver since silver prices continue to climb. I have always loved to combine metals and love the look of antiqued copper. Copper has that wonderful casual spunk about it. It seems substantial and earthy and looks grat against all skin tomes- especially when you have a tan!
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FiberArtisttoo said...

beautiful bracelet. I love the patina that copper gets, so pretty, glad you had a good time

reanaclaire said...

hi..coming by to visit your beautiful jewelry blog..


Peter Nygard said...

Copper is a great material for bracelets and bangles too bad not all of us didn't realize that.

Melissa said...

Those are some beautiful, dangle earrings.

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