Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free Copyright Protection

Exciting news for artists and designers. Here are the links to two sites that basically explain a way to copyright protect your designs for free! The first one has a video that explains the process. The second one provides the service.
Documenting your designs before you release them in photos you display on the internet is becoming much more important these days. Too many fellow artists and designers have seen not only their designs stolen but even the original photos they placed on the net to display or sell their creations. Many don't realize how important copyright protection is until they find others selling it!
Even if your design needs to be patented to be protected - you will need proof of when the design originated - you can use this free service to create that proof.



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Beauty and Health Editor said...

Well, the copyrighting thing isgood, but you really should watermark your pictures as well, especially as you are designing unique jewellery. I used to use ebay a few years ago and people were constantly stealing my pictures and I wasn't even selling jewellery, just getting rid of unwanted gifts and stuff around the house. One time I was just browsing and saw about 5 of my pictures on an auction, I was furious...LOL

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