Monday, September 28, 2009

New Crafting Site- MyCraftCorner

There's a wonderful new craft community just starting up over at MyCraftCorner well worth joining if you enjoy any type of crafting, art, sewing,  or jewelry making. It's free, by the way!
They let you create a page with all of your links- twitter, blogs, sites, shops etc.  There are also several interesting groups forming.
I started one for metal working, jewelry making and lapidary arts.  I'd be really happy to have all of you who read this post join my group!  It will allow us to have discussions (forum), leave comments and upload pictures, links etc to share with each other all in one spot!
There is even more good news because this site also does giveaways (check my Sept. 16th post for my giveaway and links to several others) and they will be giving away a cricut machine very soon- be sure to sign up for a chance to win!
Hope to see all of you there soon!


Becky DeVries said...

THanks for the link. I am going to check it out right now! Have a great week!> Becky

Victoria said...

I think I found your group! ;o)

Thanks for sharing this, it looks cool!

Phyllis @ Cricut Expression Machine said...

This looks great, wish I would have known about this before the Cricut Machine giveaway :(
What is lapidary arts by the way? Sounds very interesting!

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