Friday, November 6, 2009

Giving the Best Gifts

The upcoming holidays give us the opportunity to give gifts that show our caring, giving and loving natures.  It is definitely true that giving can be much better than receiving, especially when the gift is something carefully thought out and meaningful.
There are some gifts that "keep on giving". We adopted a horse from a horse rescue organization. Not everyone can do that - we happen to have a farm and were able to give him a good new home. But that wasn't really the best gift - the best one is taking my daughter three days a week to help on the horse rescue farm that Mr. B came to us from.

She is not only learning about caring for animals, but also about responsibility and compassion, freely giving of your time and resources, sharing with those less fortunate, etc.

Being a volunteer and teaching your children to be volunteers, giving to organizations and causes you choose to support, teaching good stewardship - that's the gift that keeps on giving....

This year there will be many charitable organizations that will fall short in both funds and volunteers. Volunteerism in this county continues to steeply decline.  I encourage all of you to expand your giving list this year rather than downsizing it -and it doesn't have to cost alot of money either - sometimes it's just some of your time and that of those you encourage and guide to do likewise. Can you afford not to?

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