Monday, November 23, 2009

Encouraging Small Businesses

I wish I could send a bouquet of lovely roses to each of the men and women who have started their own business in the past year or two!  Congratulations to you for taking the initiative to help the economy by becoming a small business.  Most people don't know that more than 70% of the working people in the USA work for or own small businesses! 
It is not easy and most of the time we start our small businesses while we are still working another job or have been laid off from a job we've held for years.
I would like to encourage each of you to hang in there - as it takes time for most small businesses to grow to where they can support you and your family.  I think on average it is two to five years of long hours, and hard work.  But the prize is that if you stick it out you can survive and even thrive.  When the times are hard- just remember that someday you will take pride in the hard times and how you worked through them.  It takes inspiration, perspiration and perseverance to do anything that is really worthwhile!  So keep it up and know that I am thankful for your efforts as I believe that the US economy hangs on what small businesses do in the next few years!

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Liz's Wares said...

I definitely agree about the economy being linked to small businesses. I just started my Etsy shop in October. I plan to stick with and keep it growing. I found your blog through your twitter.
I'd appreciate if you'd follow my blog back :)

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