Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Earrings... steps 4-6

4. Choose what type of texture you want and pick the appropriate hammers. I used the flat side of my ball peen hammer to flaten the wire some down the center and then the rounded side to give the hammered motling that catches the light so nicely. Reminds me of hundreds of little flat mirrors.

Do both pieces side by side so they will match.

5. Cut 2 lengths of 20ga or 22ga (I prefer 22 ga) wire to use as the ear wires - I leave them bent. Go ahead and file both ends to smooth them now also.

6. Make a coil or loop and use your flat end on the hammer to flatten it- on one side of each wire.
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a1debsglass said...

I have been interested in making my own earwires but know nothing about making the wire harder or more stable
I have joined your blog as
found you thru comments about blogs

Divine3Designs said...

I'll try to make a post about annealing (softening ) and hardening wire. Hopefully that will help you!

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