Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I took this picture outside my studio and it made me want to create something from the really warm pinks and deep leafy greens. Maybe a tourmaline or rhodochrisite pink stone and a small emerald. Any ideas for me?
Summer is over- what happened to it? Schools back on and on the news today they said that a big giant store- that begins with a W- we don't want to mention names..... said sales for back to school are really down. Of course this translated to a 186 point drop on the stock market. Fall is crawling in sales wise. I hear shopping at Goodwill is getting really popular with the kids- never mind the e-bayers etc.
I'm all for recycling and re purposing- so Goodwill is perfect for that.
I'm working on a line of really inexpensive items (in the $5.00 to $20.00 range) that combine good looks with value. Just because we spend less doesn't mean we have to give up quality - we can be minimalists, we can repurpose, we can make things ouselves....simplify...
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velvetwoods said...

I love pink and green together.

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