Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Earrings...Steps 11-14

11. After thouroughly drying your earrings- now is the time to add any more hammering (do both sides) and polish by hand if desired.
12. Bend the earring wires over a mandrel or a pen, or whatever you want to use to get the shape you want.
13. If you hand polished you may not have to do this step, but I usually tumble polish as well using stainless steel media, in a solution of burnishing compound and water. Tumble polishing will also work harden the ear wires so they will keep their shape better. Tumble for 2-4 hours if desired.
14. Remove from polisher, rinse and dry the earrings well. I then use rubbing alchohol to clean the earwires. Air dry and then store in a small plastic zip seal bag to protect from tarnishing. That's it!

If anyone has any questions or something is not clear enough- leave me a comment and I'll try to help.
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