Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Help The Horses Day

Tuesdays are special for my daughter Victoria and me. Tori (Victoria's nickname) and her best friend Haley love horses. I do mean love - because they will do anything to be around them. Several months ago on a 4-H field trip we found out about Brookhill Farm, a horse rescue facility about an hour from our farm. The opportunity to become volunteers there was extremely exciting for the girls, so now we have the weekly "help the horses" day. From 6-9 pm we can be found brushing manes, mucking stalls, picking hooves and doing anything else they need done at the farm.
Brookhill specializes in rescuing injured horses, helping them heal and then either adopting them out or using them in their "United Neigh" program. You can find out more about them and even how you can sponsor a horse at : www.brookhillfarm.org

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