Monday, November 30, 2009

Adding "Gadgets" to your Blog

Several new Bloggers have recently asked me how to add "gadgets" to their blogs.  This is really fairly easy to do!  Get the "code" from whatever website has the gadget you want to ad.  Usually they will have it ready for you to click on and "copy" then:
1. Click on the "Layout " tab on your blogger dashboard
2. Next click on the "add a Gadget" link

3.Now Choose the type of gadget you want to add:

4.Now just give it a title (your choice) and paste (right click in the big box) the code in to the box

5. Save
6. Preview and then save on your layout page if you are happy with it.

Now you can go back and move it around by clicking and holding down your mouse button  then dragging your new gadget  to wherever you want it to be on your blogger page!

Hint- If you like a gadget you see on someones blog- usually it has a link to its makers website- allowing you to grab one for yourself!  Some sites let you customize it and then they generate the special code that has your chosen features in it!

1 comment:

Annette said...

Where were you in Sept. when I started my blog? LOL I've learned a lot since then and I'm glad for people like you who can explain it for people like me!

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